At 2.50, this wasn’t the most value for money chee cheong fun but the chilli made up for everything .

While most would order the famous chwee kueh from this stall, I shun it because the lingering smell of the greasy chye poh is not something that appeals to me .

I headed for you ji ( a few stalls down ) for their chee cheong fun this morning but they were closed so this was the next best alternative .

I was pretty happy with all the elements of this chee cheong fun and more so for the very very tasty homemade chill that had such a rich flavour of Hae bi ( dried shrimps ) .

Lastly , not that it mattered to me but I Guess because of the popularity of this stall , I found the service a bit arrogant . Then again - I didn’t pay service charge 😛 hahaha.

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