Lala Pao Fan ($4.50)
Fresh Prawn w Sliced Fish Pao Fan ($6)
⭐️ 3.5/5⭐️
🍴Maybe it was the high expectations given the positive reviews and long (>30min) wait for the food but the two bowls we tried were largely mediocre and forgettable. Both broths were light, slightly briny, tinged with natural sweetness, but distinctly lacking real depth of flavour. It didn’t help that we were concurrently enjoying their neighboring XO seafood noodle store’s richer and more generous offerings 😅 (review in previous post).

There was also a pretty paltry amount of fried egg floss and crispy puff rice; the bowl felt more like normal white rice in soup. The housemade cincalok sauce served on the side was ok on its own but didn’t seem to pair well with the soups.

Overall, we guess it’s decent if you’re specifically craving for pao fan? But we mostly left scratching our heads at why people love it 🤔

📍@famouspaofan, 01-06/07, Sultan's Kitchen, 100 Jln Sultan, Singapore

Insta: cafehoppingkids

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