Had good scoops of gelato here at Burnt Cones, though a bit pricey. Went for the Mango Passion & 85% Dark Chocolate - getting two scoops will have them coming in a cup like that with the dry ice fog effect! Would have like a tad bit stronger of that dark chocolate bitterness, but it was very rich with an impressive creaminess that we enjoyed a lot. Thought the Mango Passion scoop would be icy like common sorbet flavours, but glad it wasn’t, though it was a touch sweeter. The two flavours also came together nicely, sweet with the passionfruit tang. Will be back to try more and would love to see new flavours!

There’s Burpple Beyond here but they don’t apply to the signature flavours of pistachio & 85% dark chocolate. Regular premium flavours are $5 for single, $9 for double, while signature ones are +$1 for single scoop, +$2 for double.