To prevent myself from getting food coma from carb overload, I got a Mega Maki-San Salad with Ayataka Green Tea [$11.90] for lunch. It’s quite filling even though it’s all greens and you get to opt for some meat on the side too.

My favourite sides are the peanut anchovies and honey soy chicken. I like the crunch of the peanut and the slight sweetness of the anchovies. Although the chicken meat isn’t exactly tender, I enjoy the honey soy flavour.

The ingredients are not the freshest but they are still decent for a good meal. The main highlight of the salad for me is the large variety of interesting accompanying sauces ranging from local favorites such as salted egg yolk to sambal chili. No more of the usual Thousand Island Sauce or Mayonnaise, it’s time to try something new!

It’s a good choice when you want to eat clean on some days.