@hawkermansg at @kedaikopisg sends out the best, most titillating noods, but it’s all a hundred percent halal. And two hundred percent piquant, just in case you were wondering. At $4.50 for this here plate of comely char kway teow, it’s a prime example of why Singapore’s hawker culture is officially designated as cultural heritage by unesco.⠀

It’s cheap, but it’s deliriously delicious. Sure, it’s missing the blood cockles that usually make or break a plate of CKT, but everything else is absolutely spot on. The flat kway teow & the thick egg noodles are slick and smooth with the right amount of chew. The carbs are well incorporated with fluffy scraps of omelette, and there’s an abundance of fishcake slices & chicken lup cheong (preserved Chinese sausages) within. Still, I would’ve liked to see some shrimp in there to replace the absent cockles. ⠀

The whole shebang is felicitously fried in a wok to load it with an acceptably ambrosial amount of wok hei, and then it’s ready to tantalise many a tastebud. I know it definitely tantalised mine, so send me more noods please. JUST SEND IT⠀

Thanks for having me, @kedaikopisg, @hawkermansg, @aricjayden & @esth3r_esth3r!

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