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Tried the Super Balanced DIY meal ($13) at superfudo today.

Base: baby spinach
Protein: chicken breast
Veggies: broccoli and mushroom
Toppings: furikake seaweed and cilantro

The food was fresh and tasty but a little on the salty side. Portion was rather small for $13 but it tasted homemade and healthy. Chicken was soft and quite juicy and veggies were fresh. Cutlery is made of wood and rather hard to use. Like the ambience of the store and staff was friendly. Taste was rather normal but might come back again.

Options available:
Protein rich ($19)
1 Carb + 2 Veggies +2 Protein +2 Toppings

Carb full ($15)
2 Carb + 2 Veggies +1 Protein +2 Toppings

Super balanced ($13)
1 Carb + 2 Veggies +1 Protein +2 Toppings

Veg lite ($11)
1 Carb + 3 Veggies +2 Toppings