Known for its nutritional health benefits and high in vitamins, this delicacy has been given the spotlight in Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant’s Unagi Eel Creations that will be available from 1-30 April this year.

The restaurant utilises both the salt water white eel and fresh water yellow eel to create such dishes in this limited time menu. In terms of the white eel, it has a richer taste profile and softer texture, which is used in dishes like the Steamed Whole White Eel with Black Garlic Sauce, Fried Garlic & Spring Onion ($12++ per 100g), Poached White Eel with Premium Chinese Wine in Superior Soup ($58++ per portion) and Braised White Eel with Abalone Sauce & Fish Paste Skin ($68++ per portion).

As for the yellow eel, it is used to prepare dishes such as the Wok-Fried Yellow Eel with Garlic & Mao Tai Chinese Wine ($35++ per serving), used in a braise or deep fried.
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