@peperonipizzeria? It’s been eighty four years...okay, it may not have been that long, but it’s been literal years since I last paid a visit to this pizza chain that’s frequented by the upper crust of pie society (see what I did there?)⠀

I was pretty puffed to discover that they’d kept their trademark half & half pizzas around, and I went with the double trouble of chicken truffle & portobello on a large 12 inch pie base ($30++). The chicken roulades on the chicken truffle half were almost as magnificently moist & tantalisingly tender as I remember it with just a slight dip in quality. The aroma of truffle from the black truffle dressing was terrifically tantalising, and one smells the pizza before one even lays eyes on it.⠀

Even though it was most definitely truffle oil as opposed to the real thing, the heady fragrance leased its pleasant pungency to the mildly flavoured chicken, the stunningly sweet sautéed onions, and the herbaceous baby spinach. As for the other half of the pizza, it’s an extremely well executed mushroom pizza that’s been lubed up with more (yes, MOAR) truffle oil for extra pizzazz. Sure, the egg was effectively a hard baked egg, but you’ll still catch me saying “hell yeah brother” to the portobello pizza.⠀

Now, those tasty toppings wouldn’t mean jack if the pizza base was a disgrace, but believe me folks, Peperoni has one of the best pie bases in town, which cements their rightful role in the upper crust of Singapore’s pizza circuit. The dough is tremendously thin & airy, and the centre of it all is pleasurably pliant while the crust is creditably crispy with a comely char on it. Yeah, I’ll just let the picture speak for itself.⠀

Peperoni may have misspelled their brand name, but when they slide out picturesque pizzas this piquant, nobody cares fam. These big pizza pies hit your eye like the moon, and that’s amore.

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