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This vegetarian main comes with an egg frittata packed with onions and spinach. It’s plated with some pickled cherry tomatoes, roasted cherry tomatoes, sourdough and pesto.

Overall the presentation of the dish is pretty, with the pops of colours from the red and yellow cherry tomatoes, but gosh how sour these pickled tomatoes were!! I immediately recoil thinking about my experience of unsuspectingly eating one pickled cherry tomato when I was expecting a sweet burst of juice but got a mouthful of pucker-inducing sourness. I think the dish would’ve been better without those. The roasted cherry tomatoes were nice though so it would’ve made more sense to just use roasted tomatoes instead.

As for the sourdough, instead of serving a slice of bread, Paddy Hills cuts them up into small pieces and toasts them to a crisp. I’m not a fan. I would’ve preferred a piece of dense and spongey European bread to chew on rather than crunching my way through the toasted bread.

The egg frittata itself was quite nice. The ends crisped up slightly so they were a nice contrast against the eggy interior. The frittata was moist inside, which is a plus. I think this is another case of trying to be innovative but trying too hard, as the frittata was nice but these extras in the pickled cherry tomatoes and crunchy sourdough bits missed the mark and left me unsatisfied with the dish.