The piece de resistance of La Boca is none other than the Pulled Goat on Flatbread. Their offerings of Cuban/Caribbean is deliciously showcased in this signature dish of theirs and was literally the one thing I was eager to try prior to heading over to La Boca. Thankfully it wasn't unavailable - unlike quite a number of their other dishes that day. (Ooo the shade thrown.)

Anyway, to my surprise, they have since changed it from a rectangle flatbread to a circular one; though of course it didn't matter as it still looked, smelled and ultimately tasted fantastic. Filled with Caribbean spices, flavour was experienced with every bite. It was also topped with fresh tomatoes, cashews and chili - and to my relief it was not overly spicy. Definitely recommending this and I wouldn't mind heading back for another round of flatbread.

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