Wanted to grab some desserts before dinner, therefore I went to DessertStory. From the menu, the special chee Cheong fan looks like a big portion and looks really good, which is why I ordered it. However, when it arrived, I was very disappointed, the portion was very small, which is totally not worth the price. It was rather special, the taste of it was not bad too, but I would not recommend other people to order this. Moving on, the chendol snow ice has a small surprise. From the shaved ice, I can taste the fragrance of the coconut milk, which made me very amazed. But, it was too sweet for my liking, they were too generous with the Gula Melaka syrup, making the whole dessert very gelat, which is why I could not finish it as it was too gelat. Overall, I wouldn't go back for these two dishes as it was quite expensive and were not quite to my liking.