The Taste It All ($25) variety platter came with 9 falafel balls, 3 dips, 2 pitas, pickled vegetables, and salad. We were huge fans of their falafels (5 ⭐), with its ultra crisp exterior encasing fluffy, herbaceous mashed chickpeas. They lived up to those we tried in Israel and Jordan! Paired with the various dips, these were bursting bombs of flavour!

They offer a range of flavoured pitas at $2.20 on top of the usual plain ($1) or whole wheat ($1.20). We tried two flavours, and preferred the garlic (4.5 ⭐) that was pillowy soft with fragrant but not overpowering garlic aromas. We found the za’atar (3.5 ⭐) version to be a little dry, and the herbs not particularly prominent.

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