Omg this lovely dessert ($12) was my favorite. A delicious chunk of deep-fried, crispy, cinnamon sugar coated brioche bread rested on some hazelnut pralines and topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

I would say its the Spanish equivalent of french toast, and a delightful play on textures and temperature contrasts. That lovely crispy exterior with an interior that's as fluffy as a dream (as brioche should be). The bread itself was warm, almost hot and the ice cream melted into the perfect creamy sauce. And the praline, oh the praline. It had a crumb-like texture reminiscent of apple pie topping that soaked up the ice cream. It was also one of the only tapas that was perfectly portioned; just sufficient to feel satiated with its sweetness, but not enough to feel bloated from the oil and carbs. Such a sinful dessert, but so worth it.