Featuring yet another new-found love been eating this for the past two Saturdays because it’s so yummmss. I never really liked bagels before this and I didn’t even understand the hype with the famous bagel house, but somehow I just crave for this every time I’m around SMU. I always get the cheese toppings bagel (you get to choose among a few types of bagel at no additional cost), and the ingredients are soooo juicy and fresh! Few months back I ordered Something Fishy ($11), and half of it dropped on the floor sad 😞 (you can see that in the pics) But I was totally sold by the juicy tender smoked salmon (the best smoked salmon I’ve had in my life) and I knew I had to go back. Subsequent two times I went and DIYed, choosing their smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, portobello mushroom and the caramelized onion sauce ($12.50). The ingredients are really juicy and served hot, the mushrooms just burst with flavour in your mouth