Pixy is the place you can enjoy food, drink and conversation. They offer you contemporary cuisine, created by Japanese Chef Tomine Nobuaki, with passion, cares about how people enjoy the food. Their tables are also spaciously spaced out ensuring privacy between tables of customers.

We went there for lunch on a weekday, so it wasn’t too crowded. We ordered a couple of dishes for sharing. I enjoyed 3 out of the 4 dishes we ordered. For the other dish not that it’s not nice, but I find it not particularly outstanding and that’s the Lala and Shirasu Spaghetti. It was pretty heavy in flavor and towards the umami salty side because of the dried mullet roe.

I love the Grilled Squid stuffed with squid ink risotto. The squid was so tender and flavorful, and goes really well with the Romesco sauce which was a little tangy and piquant. There’s also a nice little crunch from the diced capsicums.

The Lamb Chops was done perfectly too. It’s juicy and tender. Lightly seasoned and not at all gamy. We also gotten ourselves the Wara Smoked Tuna. The tuna is smoked to lightly cooked, has a nice texture to it, and it’s accompanied with blue cheese dijonnaise sauce and garlic chive infused oil which wasn’t too overpowering but kind of complement each other well, and brings out the natural sweetness of the tuna.

Service is good, food is good and ambiance is equally good too. Price may be on the steeper end, but definitely worth a try!

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