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This is not exactly grilled fish buffet, its more like steamboat and dump everything into the round base pot instead of the traditional rectangle plate.

The buffet on weekdays is $25.60 and add a $10 soup base. Subsequent you can add $10 per head to enjoy premium selection such as premium beef slice, prawn paste, lala.

The food definitely not bad especially the premium slice beef, but the prawn paste is a nono. Too much mixture of mashed fish meat (if I'm not wrong) and the texture is too soft with small chunks of prawn.

Total bill after including drinks is about $70 over after using burpple voucher. (as 1 for 1 only minus off $25.60).

With burpple the price is like normal steamboat price. Definitely not on the cheap side.

Without burpple the price is $100 over I could have went for Hai Di Lao instead.