In my earlier 2012 trip, we decided not to try it cause it was so expensive and we were then poor students/just started working 😅. Fast forward 6 years later, I still find this plate of roast goose and BBQ char siew rice expensive! 😆 It was 62hkd for this! And to me, it tasted abit like roast duck? Just that yat lok cooked it till the skin was super crispy.. but then again I'm not a fan of meat fats, so I only had 2 slices of the crispy skin.

Was thankful that we didn't have to queue long! In fact for almost all our food expeditions in Hong Kong, we manage to get seats almost immediately (apart from the Wong chi kei noodle in Macau where we waited for about 15-20mins/ Saw the news this morning that goose may be imported into Singapore real soon! Good news for those who are craving for this in SG!

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