I've been wanting to check out Birders after seeing photos of the pretty restaurant and reading reviews about their food. The two of us ordered 10 sticks, 3 sharing plates and 2 draft beers. The bill came up to a total of $106 which we felt was really affordable. Coupled with the free flow sake that I was enjoying, I definitely had a very good dining experience there.

For the ladies who like sake, Birders offers free flow house pour sake from 630pm - 830pm on Wednesdays!

Left: Wings with Birders shichimi ($3.50), Tsukune with onsen egg and tare ($4.50).
The wings were quite alright, I felt that they could be seasoned better. The tsukune was pretty good though, and went really well with the onsen egg and tare dip. We kept the dip for several other sticks during the dinner.

Top right: The Oden ($16).
This was our favourite dish of the night. The broth was warm, slightly sweet and very comforting. The combination of foie gras and daikon was also a first for me, and I quite liked the different texture. The daikon definitely helped to make the foie gras less "jelak" for me.

Bottom left: Egg Tempura ($8)
This was pretty alright, didn't taste oily. Although I doubt that I'll order this next time.

Would definitely recommend the tsukune, oden and birders wings (not pictured here). The birders wings are a sharing plate, seasoned with black vinegar and sake. Super addictive!