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Healthy and Tasty meal!

Honest speaking..
The serving isn't that much for even 2 guys to eat.
We asked the aunty why the serving seem lesser as it dun seem to be for even 2 guys to consume.
Aunty said.. it is for those who wanna diet to purchase this Party Serving.
Dunno she is just kidding or serious in it.
We did purchased Waffles to eat to fill our stomach. We aren't starving.. We are just eating as lunch as normal.

- Mashed Potatoes (can be seen in the photo)
- Pasta
- Olive Brown Rice
- Brown Rice
- Noodles type

- Corns
- Sweet Potatoes
- Slice Button Mushroom with pepper
- Cherry Tomatoes
- Mock Goat Meat
- Hard Boiled Egg
- Peanuts (for porridge type)

Will recommend you to try their single serving instead~

Signature: $3.30
- 1 Premium
- 2 Normal
- Green

Fill-Me: $3.50
- 2 Premium
- 1 Normal
- Green

Party: $7
- 3 Premium
- 5 Normal
- Green

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