From our honorable guest reviewer:

ever know a guy that’s sort of average looking on the outside but he plays the guitar, is super sweet, and has the biggest personality??? because this is basically how i’d describe this burger. this is by far the most unassuming burger yet one of the most delicious burger. you’d be left wondering, ‘where are all the flavours coming from? who cooked you?? who raised you up???’

if this burger is ‘the one’, the accompanying fries and salad are the in-laws. and you’d see why this boy is so amazing. fries that look like it’s from mcdonald’s, but oh goodness it’s so tasty and crispy. father fries is truly a rockstar just like the boy. the mother, or the salad, well... tastes like vegetables: a little naggy sometimes but you know that ultimately she has your best interests at heart. you’re assured she’s reliably there to make sure the boy goes down the right path in life.

marry this boy immediately gurl.

10/10 would come back again.

wow great review!!!¡! highly descriptive!
Very entertaining review! Such a cute analogy 😂♥️