Located at Frasers Tower, this place provides great ambience for couples or groups alike, with its wide selection of soju, cocktails, sake and some concoctions of their own (resembling local delights like chicken rice etc). You can stay there and just chill or just go there for a quick meal. This place is called Relish in the day but at night it transforms into Roketto Izakaya. No idea even what that means. Hahaha. We were there at night.

I didn’t get to try the concoctions. The Sng Muay Volka was strong and pretty nice. The sojus were meh even after we asked the server to make it stronger for us as we did not taste any alcohol. (No, we are not alcoholics and that’s precisely the point as even my friend who usually blushes full red immediately after consuming alcohol felt no impact). However we must say the server was very nice to offer us a free refill of the soju thereafter. Great service!

Food was served in small portions. Even the mains were in smaller portion. However, they were pretty good! The shot of fish soup was really tasty and after dipping the piece of fried fish into the shot of soup, it absorbed the soup and squirks it out when you bite into it. Yumzzzz. That cost $4.50 for a small piece of fish and a shot of fish soup though.

Scallop her giao, one of the dishes, was my favourite. The scallop was so juicy and flavourful, I would have ordered more if not for the fact that we had many other dishes. Don’t share this. Just eat it yourself. It’s just two piece and trust me, it’s not enough.

Rest of the food wasn’t really that memorable but overall, I say we paid for the ambience and the novelty.