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Singtel's promo of 1 free crab lured me to this place! It was our very first time trying curry crab. It's served in a claypot, surrounded by lotsa lemongrass, brinjal &lady's fingers. The gravy was great as an onsen for your fried mantous! Not too jelat &i drank quite a few spoonfuls of it. The crab thou not big (about 600-700g), was really fresh. The meat was firm!

We also got a small serving of clam beehoon soup which i fell in love with. The broth was lightly sweetened by the abundant clams in the claypot, coupled with the light scent of the thin ginger strips. It's one of those perfect rainy day food for the soul!

1 curry crab + 1 clams beehoon + 1 sweet potato leaves + 6 mantous + 1 lime juice for less than $30. Strongly recommended for all fellow foodies who're part of Singtel's clientele!