When it comes to food, I can be painfully indecisive. Fortunately, @salmonwarriorsg is here to lend aid to me in my time of need with their Three Flavours Maki ($9.90 nett). A pair each of mentaiko maki, mala mentaiko maki, and garlic mayo maki compose this mouthwatering ménage à trois. That’s right, you can have all of Salmon Warrior’s makis at one go. ⠀

All three rice rolls are wrapped around a core of crabstick & cucumber, and are adorned with a tastefully torched slice of fresh Norwegian salmon and one of the three aforementioned sauces which are also blowtorched for extra pizzazz. The garlic mayonnaise was probably the most disappointing one, as it was only really mildly garlicky and oddly watery. Plus, it’s salted far too sparingly for my tastes.⠀

The mala mentaiko is certainly the most interesting sounding, but it’s fundamentally just the usual undeniably umami mentaiko mayonnaise that packs a surprise spicy kick and the insistent tongue numbing that’s expected of mala. Pretty piquant, but the standard mentaiko mayo narrowly beats it out to be the beat sauce in the threesome.⠀

Each piece of maki is absolutely gargantuan, and the tightly packed rice rolls & ocean fresh salmon slices will satisfy even a ravenous hunger. The Three Flavours Maki offers up a superbly satisfying variety that raise the age old question: why choose when you can have it all?

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