Previously known as Le Bouillon, this team has decided to launch their latest concept of rice bowls (unagi, pork belly etc) and noodles as a last ditch attempt to revive their business. Due to it being located in the CBD area, their business depends quite heavily on the lunch crowd which would be greatly reduced by dinner time:(

I tried this 'new' item which is actually a revamped item from the previous menu: cream mushroom and crab meat noodles. With the new onsen egg and fragrant crispy chicken, the al dente noodles came together really nicely. Loved the crispy chicken as the chicken breast was very moist and the special batter made it taste like no other fellow fried chicky:)

However I thought the sauce was quite flat and became quite jelat after a few mouthfuls of it. Nevertheless i enjoyed the meal in general and I really hope that this team will pull through with this new concept 💪