You get to choose 1 base, 4 toppings and 1 sauce.

Had the cha soba as my base and i liked the faint green tea taste it carried. The soba was also great because it wasn't too soft, they still had a nice bite to it.

Had sweet potatoes, broccoli, mushrooms and cooked prawns for my toppings. Quite interesting because i thought cooked prawns would be considered as meat (though i felt they were shrimps not prawns??) Broccoli was the cold and crunchy, not marinated type but you don't really need to fret over the lack of flavour because you will have the sauce to pair with anyway. The mushrooms were well marinated without being overly salty and i loved the sweet potatoes!

Went for the yuzu, saw there was wasabi in it but the wasabi turned out stronger than i had expected, so i was kind of caught off guard 😅