Oysters would probably be one of the most enticing items in the menu to pair with a lovely glass of gin and tonic.

It was interesting to read previous reviews on this item, as I felt that the oysters were fresh and shucked upon order. These Japanese oysters might not be as plump as I would have desired, but they were still very delicious and heavenly.

What really surprised me was the small bottle of Brass Lion Hot Sauce that accompanied the seafood. It had a very potent kick of spice and lime which could be a better substitute of Tabasco sauce. And I wonder if there could be some traces of gin in the sauce… I wonder.

Perhaps it wouldn’t hurt to just check with the crew on the origin of the oysters and when they were brought in. I did my homework and I really didn’t regret sharing this with my drinks partner, thanks to Burpple Beyond 1-for-1 deals.