Located with Jalan Besar Community Centre, PACTO by Parchmen serves up an array of pastries, cakes, Asian teas, coffee & ice cream!

Perfect for a hot day hideaway & just a stone throw away from Lavender MRT station, indulge in unique tea flavours such as Tie Guan Yin 铁观音 (which were sourced directly from the mountains in China), to familiar flavours such as Dou Jiang You Tiao 豆浆油条 aka Soya Milk with Dough Fritters. These flavours were done as a collab between popular ice cream spot, Tom's Palette & the team at Parchmen.

The former comes with a light tea flavour, and a bitter aftertaste, similar to the actual tea itself. With such light flavours, it can easily pair with any other flavour, or work as a palate cleanser after a meal; just like how you drink tea after a meal.

The latter is definitely a taste of nostalgia, with a slightly sweetened soya milk base, with crispy bites of actual dough fritters in it! Fret not, these fritters aren't oily, so they pair really well with the cold creamy soya milk ice cream.

Pair your ice cream with their curated menu of Asian teas ranging from Matcha, to Pu Er; or have a go at their coffee which is a blend of Ethiopian & Myanmar beans-fruity yet chocolatey.

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