This was ordered off the brunch menu and cost $18 with a drink of choice. I went with the Hoshino Blend of coffee with hot milk and it was AMAZING. I am fussy about my coffee having worked as a barista for two years and this cuppa ticked all the boxes for me. Strong, aromatic, low acidity and the nutty flavor shone through the entire mouthful. I was really impressed as I was not expecting such good coffee despite the cafe's name.

I was impressed by the food as well. The souffle omelette was foamy on the inside yet full of eggy and umami flavor, especially enhanced when eaten with a dash of ketchup. The pancakes weren't of the souffle type but like a thicker, more airy version of the McDonalds hotcake, and I personally love McD's hotcake so no complaints there. I also like how they give an entire full jar of maple syrup to dress my pancakes with. The smoked salmon wasn't overly salty and paired with the simple salad well.

Overall, it was a very pleasant first dining experience at Hoshino Coffee. I would love to come back and try some of their other food like the souffle pancakes and steak. Also to order another cup of that coffee.