We happened to past by Don Don Donki's food court in Clarke Quay and we knew we had to get this one day.

The original mazesoba ($13, we added $1.50 for egg) came with a huge amount of different ingredients, which all blended well together after stirring everything in. Indeed flavours in this is quite complex, with umami coming from the meat sauce and the sharp flavours from the spring onions. The al dente noodles did well to catch all the sauces and ingredients!

The white vinegar is to be added halfway through the meal, when the noodles may start to get surfeiting. The added sourness reminds me of extra black vinegar on my bak chor mee, which is really welcoming!

To end off, don't forget to ask the chef for a small portion of rice to mop up all the delicious sauce 😍 Definitely a place to consider when you're here in Clarke Quay!