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PRICE: $8 for this bowl (1-person portion)
Charges by portion, not weight
$1/veg and noodles
$3/seafood and beef

WAITING TIME: Less than 5 minutes on a weekday past 8.30PM

SPICINESS: Drew a huge circle with two hands when I ordered 大辣. But it was hardly spicy. No peppercorns. More like 不麻不辣锅.

- Filling enough for one at this price
- I like that mushrooms are charged at $1 per portion here. Can be expensive at other MLXG shops.
- I like that the fake fish maw thingy is charged under meats at $2 per portion. Still scarred by that one other MLXG shop that dared charge it as seafood, by the weight.
- Pork belly is nice
- Portions are okay. Didn't feel shortchanged.

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