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Was quite apprehensive about dining here, as I had read the earlier mixed reviews. Interestingly, the eatery is halal despite featuring strong Chinese flavours. I’m really happy to say that Delibowl seems to have improved lots since its opening, and proved to be a good choice! Claimed the burpple beyond 1-for-1 deal for their whole day set ($10.90): each comes with one soup of the day, one side dish and one main. Between the two of us, we got their kampong chicken soup and tomato egg soup. Both were on the saltier side, but had plenty of ingredients inside. My only gripe is that the soup wasn’t hot when served! For the side dishes, we tried the tofu and cucumber - both are served in the same savoury sauce, which is largely salty with the barest tinge of spice. Enjoyed the cucumber more as it helped to break up the otherwise heavy flavour. The beef brisket came highly recommended, but I wasn’t a big fan as I found the stew too starchy and sweet. The portion of beef was generous and there were slices of tomato included. The butter chicken, on the other hand, was a big hit - the portion was huuuge, with tender battered chicken pieces coated in a thick sauce and served with onions & curry leaves. Really enjoyed the chicken and will be back for it again!!