Riding on the recent trends in specialty tea, comes 霸王茶姬, which took over the previous spot where Milksha used to be at Funan.

While you can tell that they used premium quality tea leaves in their 水月观音 (such a poetic name) , and careful thought was put into each cup of tea by removing the ice for the Macchiato drinks, I personally felt that the Macchiato foam lacked the creamy depth and flavour punch that other specialty tea brands like 吃茶三千 offer. I had to remove the cap to take large gulps of the cream together with the tea in order to savour the proper melding of flavours, instead of sipping daintily through the cover as intended. 😅

For now, 吃茶三千 still remains as my go-to place for tea-based drinks. 😋