At this sleek Korean seafood joint on Amoy Street, you'll be served staggering seafood towers filled with ingredients like scallops, Boston lobsters and even Sri Lankan crab — all stacked on top of a soup broth of your choice (seafood, kimchi, ginseng or army stew (additional $10)). Each table bears its own in-built induction plate which heats the tower and keeps it steaming, allowing the natural flavours of the seafood to flow back down into the broth. Prices start from $58 for a Three-Tier Tower that is good for two to three to share, and go upward to $298 for a feast that would feed a group of eight to 10. We like how the restaurant thoughtfully includes dustbins built into the table for discarding your empty shells. Apart from their signature towers, they also serve Korean dishes like the incredibly flavourful Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup ($17.90) and a fun Shake Shake Rice Box ($9.90) that you have to rattle vigourously to mix all the ingredients!
Avg Price: $30 per person
Photo by Burppler Hilary See