If you’re at Ghim Moh Food Centre for breakfast, why not have some thosai (dosa) or appam (hopper)? Heaven’s Indian Curry (01-15) serves pretty legit hoppers that are made to order. You can also order putu mayam and idly. It sells out pretty fast on weekend mornings so go early.

Masala Thosai/ Dosa ($2.50 per piece). Truth is I prefer thosai to prata. For a potato lover like myself, I usually go for the masala thosai. Within this fermented rice flour pancake is a decent serving of spiced potatoes. The final product is slightly tangy and on the softer side. It’s not crispy like paper thosai.

Served with dhal sambar, tomato chutney and coconut chutney made with fresh coconut, I like to mix the condiments together for maximum pressure.

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