I'm back to pizzamaru to satisfy craving. Wanted to try Flaming Chicken Chicago but wasn't part of giveaway. And as much as I love Cheesy Maru Oppa, decided to try new flavor. Ordered Maru Spiced Combo which comprises spiced chicken, succulent prawn, onion, mushroom, bell pepper, mozzarella cheese and spicy buldak sauce. Flavour wise, it taste a lot of different flavours coming together in perfect harmony. It was actually a good pizza. The thickness of the patented green tea dough was also just right, it wasn’t excessively thick and is a bit chewy and denser compare to black rice dough. I also loved the idea of how we are eating green tea dough that feels healthier to me.

Now, what’s a Korean restaurant without fried chicken? And always a fans of their perfectly fried, crispy, tender, and succulent chicken. This time ordered Sweet Chilli Dak Gangjeong. The fried chicken came out piping hot and drizzled with the sweet chilli sauce. The sweet chilli smothered on the chicken added the flavours. The sauce may seemed little at first but they gave a dip bowl for those who want more. The batter was absolutely brilliant. It was super crispy and wasn’t too thick and it's still crisp even after some time. The meat was meaty, juicy, tender and flavourful and didn’t have much fat to it. What I really enjoyed and like was that there was nothing greasy at all which you can easily gorge all the 6 pieces by yourself.

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