Absolutely blown away by this dessert. Tau huay's texture was on point, it just disintegrates in your mouth but holds its shape well if you don't touch it. The coconut flavour also comes through brilliantly. The honey ice cream has such an amazing honey taste. Every component is great on its own. Really difficult to reconstruct people's childhood, put a modern twist on it so subtly but surely and execute everything well. The salted butter cookie crumble provided a refreshing texture. This for me is deserving of being served in a Michelin establishment if not for 2 minor issues: tapioca balls have a honey note which is a repetition, and the strong flavours of the other elements end up overpowering the coconut tau huay(and there isn't really a easy resolution to this problem since the coconut flavour is already there on its own)

Overall fantastic dish and this level of thought into a dish is simply unbelievable. Starting to love the idea of this place, when they execute crowd favourites perfectly but instead of revolutionising it, they just put a small spin on it to make it theirs