okay, declaration: this is the best damn ice cream i’ve had in my entire life 🤤🤤🤤 we dropped by on single’s day so there was a 10% promo for the croissant + ice cream! i tried three flavours—avocado (as pictured), toasted rice green tea and pistachio. the combination of the flaky, warm croissant and creamy avocado ice cream was absolutely heavenly. the quality of their gelatos are amazingly smooth and you can really taste the ingredients they use to make them. i loved the burnt taste of the green tea flavour and you can even taste the pistachio bits in the pistachio flavour! even as someone who doesn’t like avocado, i fell in love with the ice cream. i love that they make the gelatos themselves and use natural ingredients because they aren’t too sweet and taste generally healthy? and very very premium, of course!! the price is extremely worth it for the kind of quality gelato you receive. the staff were super welcoming and recommended us their signature flavours as well, which surely contributed to the experience. the interior of dopa dopa was very cozy and quaint as well!! i literally cannot describe how much i looove dopa dopa and you really should come down and give it a try yourself if you haven’t already. definitely will come back for more visits in the future!!! ❤️

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