Asked for the latter to be made spicy too and although I didn't expect much from it, my friends and I enjoyed it better as it was drinkable, unlike the MLXG base. Both pots came with chicken which was fall-off-the-bone, and despite ordering the small size for both pots, there were quite a few chunks of chicken. Ordered zhong la for the MLXG and it was really ma and very la, super satisfying as I'd been craving for mala for the past few weeks. The mushroom and chicken pot was more savoury than spicy, and we actually liked it alot as the soup was savoury and fragrant, however, as the pot was over an open flame, the soup boiled down pretty fast and thus it became too salty. However, you can ask the staff to top up the soup so just do that whenever it gets too salty! Ordered some add-ons, but my favourite would have to be the mantous. Fried to perfection, the outer layer is slightly crispy while the inside is pillowy soft - and when paired with condensed milk, it was really a treat.

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