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What I hate most about eating wanton mee is the alkaline noodles. I tend to avoid wanton mee even though I really like the dish on the whole, but sometimes the alkaline noodles are really overpowering! If you’re like me, then you’d like Nam Seng’s noodles.

Sold by the iconic founder (I believe), the old granny takes the orders and shouts it across to the chefs cooking the orders. The queue gets long quickly, but food is served fast too. I waited around 5 mins for my order and it was ready!

Noodles were al dente and soaked in the blissful, oily sauce of the soy sauce chicken. It was a WHOLE thigh! Definitely very generous and I’ll be back for more. Readers might also be happy to know that I packed this and took a 30 min journey on a cab home.

P.S. the bones in the chicken thigh was a bit annoying, but for $5 only, let’s not complain 🤪