We ordered burpple 1 for 1, it was quite worth it and the taste was not bad. Might get a little gelat if you have the whole pizza/pasta to yourself.

However, one of the female staff was very very unfriendly and rude. We ordered the burpple offer and an ala-carte. We couldn’t finish the fries and 1 piece of pizza. We asked if we could takeaway the leftover, and the lady staff told us “read the terms and conditions of burpple, you’re not allowed to takeaway food”. Then she walked away.. we understand if that’s the rules but she is too rude AND THE FRIES IS NOT EVEN PART OF BURPPLE.

I went to the cashier to ask another staff and she told us we can take away the fries. She even kindly helped us pack it away together with the fries sauce. But the First Lady staff was just terrible, she didn’t even bother looking at our plate and assumed we are taking away all burpple offer, and even asking us to read all the terms and conditions.

Never going back because of such poor service experienced. The staff were not polite at all too, we paid for service charge and this is the service we received.