Headed by a chef that’s French-trained, the dishes that come out from the kitchen have authentic Sichuan flavours with an element of contemporary Western technique to it. What you can expect are flavours that you are not able to get elsewhere, a unique selling proposition that makes Birds of a Feather stands out from other fusion restaurants.

A truly stunning dish is The Forbidden Risotto ($35); in place of arborio rice, black rice is used and cooked in a broth of Sichuan sour vegetables and pickled ginger with a Western touch of the addition of Parmesan cheese, cream and butter. Served with ikura roe, bok choy, soy beans, Hokkaido scallops and squid, the braising liquid was reduced slightly before finishing with a dressing of soya sauce, mirin and sesame oil. With so much techniques and ingredients that go into making this dish, how can it not whet your appetite yet?

I will end off this review with a phrase that reads, “what that will be eaten at Birds of a Feather stays at Birds of a Feather”.
Birds of a Feather
Address: 115, Amoy Street, Unit 01-01, Singapore 069935