I have always wanted to try Li Yuan Mee Pok, a fusion bak chor mee stall run by Japanese hawker, so I am very happy when they opened an outlet at 511 Hougang Ave 10 (NEL woohoo!)๐ŸŽ‰

I ordered the dry Japanese Fusion Char Siew Mee Pok ($10) and it is delightful! The flavourful miso-based sauce (you can choose between miso and shoyu) goes well with the mee pok and there is a generous portion of cha shu, minced meat, pork slices, meatballs and crispy lard. The cha shu is on par with those found in ramen restaurants and it has a good balance of fats and meat, is super soft and slightly caramelised on the surface. However, if I could choose again, I will probably opt for the Japanese Fusion Mee Pok ($7/$8) because it is essentially the same thing with less ingredients - I was struggling to finish the $10 bowl because it was that generous!

I also tried the Mushroom Minced Meat Noodles ($5) which is the typical Bak Chor Mee. I ordered mee kia and the noodles is too soft for my liking. Taste wise, this is on the vinegary side and itโ€™s not bad, but it does not leave as much of an impression as the Japanese fusion mee pok.

Glad I finally got to try this and it did not disappoint!

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