Ouch! Felt the pinch from the 💸 not from the pincers simply because there isn’t really much of a significant pincer to speak of. The “pincer” you see in photos is a small pincer with a small pinch of meat hanging dangerously, seemingly at risk of falling into the chilli broth and disappear. There’re white shreds in the chilli sauce but to be honest, there’s not much texture to the bite and therefore, I’m half suspecting it’s egg whites rather than crab meat? Considering how “economical” this is priced, it might well be that case! The bread bowl is made of soft pillowy bread (ie not the kind with baguette-like crust that you get from The Soup Spoon), hence you should really slurp up your meal before your bowl crumbles from soaking up the weight of the liquid). My colleague found the chilli sauce a lil’ too spicy for her liking and she didn’t finish her portion. I thought it was okay! For the price and quality, I’d invest my $ for a decent bread bo