Rating: 🌟🌟

Price: (Subjected to GST & Service Charge)

Chocolate Chip Pancake (Med - 4pcs) - SGD 9.90
White Chocolate Chip Pancake (Med - 4pcs) - SGD 10.90

We paid a total of SGD 12++ for this 1-For-1 Pancake (Savoury/Sweet) Deal by HungryGoWhere & Beyond Pancakes.

They were pretty good. I mean there's no way we can go wrong with chocolate chips and pancakes! Unlike my partner, I prefer the pancakes without the maple syrup and butter. They're already tasty enough on their own! But don't be mistaken! You can still go ahead and drizzle the maple syrup and spread the butter on your pancakes, just not too much otherwise they'll overpower the chocolate chip which is supposedly the star of this pancake dessert!

Will I go again? Maybe if they still have similar deals! Also, I think it's better to have sweet pancakes for breakfast. They're just not the most filling or satisfying meal to have for dinner 😅