In 1950s, there were hundreds of families living there (the foodie's grandfather was once stayed in one of the dorm). In year 2000, the building was empty. So in the mid 2014, the government renovated the dorms into cafes, restaurants and designer stalls. .
This was one of the eateries which I recommended. A Japanese style cafe with in house coffee roaster and baker. Their coffee was rather strong and bitter than expected. However, I had one of my best chestnut pie EVER. Despite of the price, each pie contained ONE whole chestnut. The combination of light savory biscuit base with soft sweet chestnut was awesome. They used the best ingredients they could get their hands (like the chestnut was import from Japanese) and hand craft every edible item. .
Buy a latte and cake. Sit on the corridor and image the police officers playing their kids. Such lovely place. .
Cafe Life X PMQ .
🏠: S106 PMQ, 35 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong ⏰: Mon to Fri 1130H to 2000H. Sat to Sun 1030H to 2000H