While many patisseries in Singapore do release new collections of cakes every now and then, I seemingly get a little excited whenever Flor Patisserie does it — perhaps it has something got to do with their rather random timing of doing it (or so, as it seems), or if they seem to always have an item that I am particularly interesting with; there just seemingly that charm that other patisseries just does not carry whenever they drop a new collection of cakes on the menu.

I do have something for Mille Crepes, and having seen their social media post on the introduction of the Gula Melaka Millecrepe this was something I knew I just had to head down to Flor Patisserie for. Texturally, the Mille Crepe at Flor Patisserie may be a tad firmer than that of Lady M’s — the layers are well-stacked, though it does get a little difficult to keep it intact whilst slicing down the Mille Crepe as opposed to Lady M’s various mille crepes as the layers just felt less soft in general. That being said, it does make for a more well-defined Mille Crepe with more distinct layers, and just a slightly stronger eggy note that carries across the cake rather well — each layer being lathered with a Gula Melaka-infused pastry cream that was light in texture, but carries an evident earthy sweetness often associated with Gula Melaka; an interesting fusion of Southeast-Asian elements in a Mille Crepe that is simple. straightforward and easy to understand, and makes one wonder why did it take so long for someone to have come up with the idea.

With the opening of more boulangeries and patisseries around the island over the years, Flor Patisserie has almost become sort of an underdog in the industry — perhaps something got to do with them keeping a relatively low profile on social media, and its outlets typically located in areas that is just slightly away the neighbourhoods that are filled with similar shops. It’s persistence in keeping a minimalist look, whilst focusing on fresh and premium ingredients have sort of become part of its identity, and goes well with its theme of being a Japanese-style patisserie. Whilst I am not to much of a fan of their bakes in collaboration with Ah Seng Durian that are being served in Durian Lab Café, Flor Patisserie’s cakes are otherwise a comfort to revisit every now and then; that satisfying taste of familiar after constantly trying out other places for a period of time.