Went in the evening and was surprised to see the cafe was already quite busy but managed to get a table at once. We ordered the Soft Serve on Waffle for $15 (pictured) and the Milo Dinosaur Waffle for $15 as well. The waffles were well-toasted and warm, and had the signature crunchy exterior but steaming fluffy interior which made the waffles very enjoyable to eat! 🀀 The fruit accompaniments on the Soft Serve Waffle (there were originally bananas with it but we chose to omit them during ordering) paired very well with the chocolate sauce that coated the plate and the soft serve had a distinct tea flavour but was not overpowering for the palate. πŸ¦πŸ§‡ The biscuit it was served on was very crunchy too despite it melting!
The Milo Dinosaur waffle was extremely generous with its’ toppings and even through the milo powder you can still taste the pairing of the condensed milk and milo sauce. There are also textural elements with the milo cereal topping that made the waffle very enjoyable to eat. The waffle also came with a standard scoop of Vanilla Bean ice cream which was very creamy and silky.
We also ordered a cold and a hot coffee which were both very punchy, with the exception that the hot coffee was slightly on the warm side. The servers were very efficient and polite as well, making the overall experience very memorable and enjoyable. Would visit again to satisfy my dessert cravings! 😍