[Invited tasting] Stepping into @hardrockcafesingapore should have been a warm embrace with yesteryear -- but the government regulations on music in restaurants put a dampener on that. Nonetheless, the rock and roll memorabilia plastered around their cozy floorspace is sure to send any old soul into a sentimental mood. There's a reason why this good ol' cafe is a household name, and why this particular outlet has lasted for many years!

I was looking forward to tasting their hearty slices of pink steak in my fajitas but the steak ended up rather chewy. That aside, the refreshing toppings in the fajitas kind of made up for the shortcomings in the meat. I mean, there isn't much that a daubing of cheese and sour cream can't solve!

Thanks Hard Rock Cafe for the invite and Burrple for the eat-up!