Hidden within the Mayflower neighbourhood at Ang Mo Kio is Mei Ming Taiwan Delicacy, a new coffeeshop stall that serves up braised pork rice, braised platters and “big intestine wrap small intestine”.

While the Braised Pork Rice here is somewhat slightly lighter in terms of flavour here, there is a slight zing that comes with every mouthful that cuts through the meatiness that was rather refreshing. Otherwise, the braised pork were considerably tender with a bit of bite, while the rice was also drenched in enough sauce for flavour. The pickled vegetables add a tinge of tartness that refreshes the taste buds, while the coriander also helps to cut through the meatiness to refrain the entire dish from being to jelak. The braised egg was also served warm in the middle; a notch better than the places who seemingly served theirs stone cold.

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