Queued for around 40mins on a weekend afternoon. Ordered extra spicy in Medium size ($12), but the chilli wasn’t really spicy and have the kick that I prefer (for a mala comparison, it was probably not even a 小辣).

Personally felt that the components don’t go well together although they were well prepared individually. The noodles were pretty salty, but has a nice springy chew. The small bowl of soup, egg and the chashu was the star for me. The soup was so flavourful with what seemed like pieces of pulled pork inside and reminds me of a cross between bak kut teh and bak chor mee soup. The egg was so perfectly made with a flavourful yolky centre 🥺 the chashu was so tender as well and beats many ramen places! The fried potato ball was a bit of a novelty, but not crispy or crunchy enough to me. Wantons were packed full of prawns with a thin layer of skin, but felt like it doesn’t go well with the sauce of the noodles.

Overall, would prolly come back just to dabao the egg and chashu to eat with ramen or something 😝 hope one day the owners would make a soup ramen version and i’m alrdy drooling at the thought of having a huge bowl of that delicious soup to slurp on...

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